Fix Your Faulty Septic System in Greeley, Platteville or Longmont, CO

Get the ball rolling on your septic tank repair project

Urgent Services, LLC provides septic tank inspection and repair services in the Greeley, CO area.

If your sinks and tubs are draining slowly, you smell a bad odor coming from your septic tank or you notice wastewater appearing on your property-you might have a septic tank issue. During your septic tank inspection, we'll use a camera to inspect your sewage system until we locate the problem.

Once we've located the issue, we can complete the necessary repairs. We can fix a broken lid, repair a sewage line or replace your crumbling septic tank. Reach out to us right away to receive septic tank repair assistance.

Why hire a septic system repair specialist?

Urgent Services offers septic tank repair services in Greeley, CO and surrounding areas. Hire us to inspect and repair your septic system because:

  • We can identify everything that's wrong with your septic system in a single visit
  • We can advise you on how to avoid future issues
  • We can pump your septic tank before it backs up
  • We can improve your home or business's water flow
  • We can prevent a minor issue from turning into a costly repair project

Get in touch with us right away to pick out a date for your septic tank inspection.